Deep-Fried Pimiento Cheese

If you think nothing can top a pimiento cheese sandwich, think again! Watch as Test Kitchen Professional Norman King gives this Southern staple a deep-fried makeover.


[MUSIC] Hey, I'm Norman from the Southern Living Test Kitchen, and I am going to deep fry a classic southern staple which is a pimento cheese sandwich. Now these are traditionally grilled, but you can try them many different ways. I've never fried 'em before, but I had a fried peanut butter and jelly once and it was amazing. So I decided to kinda take that process and apply it to pimento cheese. So, lets try it out and see what happens. You just take you know, pimento cheese. You can make it or you can buy it from the store. I like to use the white sandwich bread because it's square. And I'll cut the edges off of this so it looks, kind of pretty and it's kid appropriate as well. Who likes crust on their sandwich? And I'm gonna cut these into appetizer size, because I think having a whole sandwich is a little bit too much fun for one person. And now I have just a little bit of eggs and milk, which I've just slightly beat together. And the key to this is going to be to make sure that the bread is soaked enough, but not oversoaked with the egg mixture because you don't want it too wet when you put it in the oil. [INAUDIBLE] just put this into some cheese crackers. Make sure you get all the edges. And these are Cheez-Its, the spicy Tabasco Jalapeño variety. I think that'll give it a nice little crunch to it, and some spice. And now we're ready to fry. So I just drop these in. And my oil's heated to 350 degrees right now. And these should take no more than a minute to finish frying. And you'll know these are done when they turn a rust color, not necessarily a golden brown like everything else because of the Cheez-Its. So, just look for that, and you really only have to turn them about two times throughout the frying process. [MUSIC] So I would just let these cool for a little bit. You don't want to eat them right away. See these. Oh my gosh. It's a pocket full of pimento cheese. It's great. It's got a, it's really crunchy from the outside. From the cheese crackers, from the Cheez-Its. It's got some of that tabasco spice in there. And the pimento cheese just kind of hugs the inside. And the steam kinda, fills in the middle, so when you open it up it just kind of sticks and, oh, it's marvelous. And here's your appetizer portion, and I like to add a little hot sauce because hot sauce makes everything taste better, of course. And, for your guests, if you have a party with these things, they're fun, super easy to make. [MUSIC] This is just amazing. Simply amazing. You have to try it.
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