Deep-Fried Pecan Pie

Pecan pie is already delicious and oh-so Southern, but watch as Test Kitchen Professional Norman King turns it into an insanely decadent deep-fried treat complete with bourbon whipped cream!


[MUSIC] Hey, I'm Norman, from the Southern Living test kitchen, and what's more southern than pecan pie? Your Grandmother, mine, probably has a recipe or two, that we all love. But I was trying to figure out a way that can make this even more southern. And I figured it out. I'm gonna actually deep fry this, and coat it in pork cracklins and molasses. Now I like to cut the cracklins by hand, and I like the coarse texture, because it gives the deep-fried pecan pie just that wonderful crunch. Now I'm gonna add about a quarter cup of molasses to about two cups of buttermilk, with a couple of eggs, and this mixture's gonna help the pork cracklins. Stick to the pecan pie before we fry it. Okay, so now I'll get the coating on the pecan pie. And we start out with a little bit of all purpose flour. Next thing, we're gonna dip it into our buttermilk and molasses mixture, and last but not least, the port crackles. [MUSIC]. And now we slide this into the oil, which is at 350 degrees. [MUSIC]. Now you can't have have pecan pie without whipped cream of course, and like a true Southerner, I'm gonna add some bourbon to mine. So in the bowl, we have about a cup of heavy cream, about a quarter cup of powered sugar. And I'm gonna add a tablespoon or two of Kentucky bourbon. And we just let that whip up. [NOISE] I am excited about this one. This looks incredible. Fresh out the oil. Let it drain a little bit on some paper towels. And it's still warm. Now I'm just gonna top it with a little bit of the bourbon whipped cream. So a nice dollop. And I'm just gonna eat it. [MUSIC] Whoa. That is incredibly good. As odd as that combination sounds with [MUSIC] It works. The pork cracklins, kinda give it this salty, almost bacony, kinda taste, on the outside. And there's enough sweetness from the pie, and the molasses coating. Cuz you definitely pick that up. [MUSIC] So good. [LAUGH] [MUSIC]
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