Deep-Fried Jack Daniel's

An adults-only beverage is turned into a delicious adults-only dessert. Watch as Test Kitchen Professional Norman King deep fries a favorite Southern cocktail—Jack and Coke.


Hey, I'm Norman from the Funnerman Testing Agency. I'm going to deep fry Jack and Coke. Well, not literally deep fry Jack and Coke cuz if you put liquid into oil it kind of explodes. We're actually going to make an old school southern recipe And, based off of a bourbon ball, but we're gonna use Jack Daniels whiskey instead. And I'm just gonna coat these in some flour, and then toss them in a little egg. And a fork works good here to get them out of the egg, and then right into some crushed vanilla wafers. Then I just kinda Throw vanilla wafers on top and then try and pat' them in. The main reason why I want it coated is so that the inside doesn't melt. There's some Karo syrup in here, a little cocoa powder, sugar. Cookies on the outside will keep the inside from going everywhere, hopefully. Okay, so now we're gonna fry our Bourbon balls. And I actually gonna put about 4, 3 or 4, so we'll go with 3, on the ladle and then drop them into the oil, that way it doesn't splash. [SOUND] And these should go for about, 30 seconds or so, to a minute. This is not going to cook out all the alcohol, not by a long shot. And this is definitely not for kids. Well, you'll know when these are finished when they're just lightly golden brown on the outside. I just drain 'em on a wire rack. And this is the coke part or our Jack and Coke. It's actually a Coca-Cola reduction. I just took a bottle of about a 8-oz bottle of Coca-Cola. Added a few tablespoons of sugar and cooked it down. And that's it. And we'll just pour this right over top. Now Jack and Coke is like the perfect Southern cocktail next to bourbon and Coke, it just depends on what you like. And with this little update of the. Five part of a bourbon ball? This is probably the best appetizer out there. It has a really great crispy exterior, the inside's kind of slightly warm. Oh man, it's really good. Well, cheers.
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