Deep-Fried MoonPies

Can you deep fry Moon Pies? Watch Test Kitchen Professional Norman King put this deep-fried Southern favorite through a Southern Living taste test.


[MUSIC] Hey, I'm Norman from the Southern Living test kitchen, and today I'm just gonna try and fry a moon pie. If you are a moon pie novice, this wonderful Southern delicacy, is made in Tennessee. It has a chocolate coating. And there's a soft graham cracker crust with marshmallow in the center. The best way to do it is to make a batter. The reason why I want to use a batter is just so that it protects the coating on the outside of the moon pie. Add a little bit of salt and some sugar, just to give it some flavor. And that looks about the right consistency. So what I don't want to do is drop this directly into the oil. Just drop it into this batter and then right into some breadcrumbs. These are panko bread crumbs actually, but you could use saltine crackers or Ritz crackers or even vanilla wafers, which would take it to a whole nother level. I want to try the vanilla first. I'm just going to drop it in and hope that it works. And I'm using vegetable oil, because I do not want to impart too much of a flavor. Peanut oil would add a little bit of a taste to it, and I just kind of want to keep it plain and simple. And that's the vanilla, and the next one will be the chocolate. And now it's time to see what they look like on the inside. And just cut into it. It has a crunchy exterior. And the chocolate is still there, the graham cracker is moist. And the marshmallow is melted. Its actually the perfect s'more. It's really good. It's a great little appetizer for a party. This is really good, actually. [MUSIC]
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