Deep-Fried Barbecue Plate

We transformed an entire barbecue plate into a handheld treat. Southern cookin' to-go.


[MUSIC] Hey I'm Norman from the Southern Living test kitchen and I'm frying one of the most southern things that I can think of and that is an Alabama barbeque plate consisting of smoke chicken, white barbeque sauce and coleslaw. And we package that all together in an egg roll wrapper and deep fry it. To start, we take our egg roll wrappers, we put some white barbecue sauce right in the middle. Now white barbecue sauce for all you non Alabamians out there is just mayonnaise, garlic, salt and pepper, and a little bit of vinegar and sugar. Next we'll put in some smoked chicken that we picked up from our favorite barbecue joint. And, we top it off with a little bit of coleslaw. Wanna be careful not to overfill this, because if you do, sometimes the seams will split. But just about this much looks good. Next we just take an egg wash, brush around, two sides. And this helps the egg roll hold together. Then you just roll it on up, like a burrito. Being sure to fold in the sides. So now we're ready to fry, I have my oil heated up to 350 degrees and we're gonna drop these in for about a minute to a minute and 10 seconds until they're golden brown. You want to stir these around quite frequently so that way all sides get coated. Sometimes they tend to be a little heavy on one side so they'll stay in the oil longer. And you have to kind of turn it around so it all gets evenly golden. I'm super excited about these. It's what I always wanted. My favorite flavor is hand held and we are ready to eat. Serve these with some hot sauce. Great finger food. Mm, they're great. Have a really crunchy texture on the outside. You can taste the smoky chicken. And just a hint, of the dressing on the, on the coleslaw. They're great. Really great. Now that's what an eggroll tastes like made in the South. A barbecue plate, deep fried [LAUGH]
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