Grilled Banana Split with Pralines

This sweet treat makes our mouths water. Bayou Bakery chef David Guas demonstrates the ultimate banana split – perfectly grilled bananas, creamy vanilla ice cream, and freshly made New Orleans-style pralines.


We're at our grill, we've got our pralines. And I'm gonna show you how to make this really fun, really easy banana split using bananas that are cooked in their full skin directly on the grill. So we've got a really, really hot grill ready to go. So we'll go ahead and put these on. Now that all of our bananas on the grill, we want to go ahead and leave the grill lid open, because we don't want to create an oven type heat or environment, we want fully direct heat, open flames rip open, again charring outside of that skin. We're gonna flip it over just enough so that inside it's just sort of starting to break down and release those sugars starting to come out. And it makes them nice and sweet. So really about three to four minutes. What we're looking for is really just color. [MUSIC] So now our bananas have been off the grill for about 15 minutes or so. You don't want to start to prep them right off the grill, as you can imagine they're wicked hot. So what I'm going to do is actually cut a flat bottom so that they kinda stand up like a [UNKNOWN] and we do that by resting it right on it's side and cutting a nice flat bottom just like that and we'll go ahead and put that banana right in the boat. Trough the try and now we're going to make and incision. And then we're gonna pry open that, and what that does is it creates a nice little cavity to hold our ice cream. So now your ice cream of choice. So we're gonna go ahead and scoop a couple scoops of vanilla ice cream in there. You see how that banana just holds it perfectly using that skin. And then we're gonna take our wonderful pralines that we've Setup, and just kinda crush them up a little bit, and sprinkle that directly over the top. So there you've got our [UNKNOWN] Louisiana banana split. I gotta try it. [MUSIC] That's money. [MUSIC]
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