[MUSIC] Hi, my name is David Guas. I'm chef/owner of a restaurant in Arlington, VA called Bayou Bakery. Here to talk about banana bread. Not just any banana bread, but Nana's banana bread. [MUSIC] Nana was the mother of my Aunt Boo from Bogalusa, Louisiana. New Orleans being a major port city, bananas were one of those products that came from Central America, you know, by the ton. So we had to sort of figure things out, what to do with the bananas. And that's how it found it's way into Into these sort of southern cakes and breads. When I mash my bananas, I like to keep some texture there. You know, sort of resembling almost lumpy mashed potatoes. Here we're gonna add a little bit of our lemon juice. I really believe in salt, and also lemon juice in a lot of baked goods. It really heightens the flavor, the citric acid just brings everything together, and it's actually gonna make these bananas taste like bananas. We're gonna to get started with sifting our dry ingredients here. The main reason you do it is just to leaven all your ingredients, and to lighten everything. So you can see, this is almost like fallen snow. It's very pillowy, very light, it's not a dense, right out of the bag, flour. And it's also allowed us to incorporate all the other dry ingredients together, prior to adding it. And Nana had a way about her that I clearly remember as a kid going to visit her at her house and trying to stay as far away from her as possible when when we would visit, she was I was scared of her. That's the truth. It wasn't til later that I started to ask her about recipes that I finally got a recipe from her, that I still believe there were some missing ingredients from it, and that's not necessarily because I remember a different flavor profile of the finished banana bread, it's just that I don't, I don't trust her [LAUGH]. She was a tough cookie she could spit nails and chew nails and she, ate glass for lunch and, smoked cigarettes and drank whiskey. So that's Nana. [MUSIC] So there I've just sort of given it a couple of quick extra folds. Just to incorporate everything, make sure there are no pockets of flour that are hiding at the bottom of the mixer. And then we're going to go ahead and just get all this yumminess in here. So at this point, we're going to go right into the oven. We've centered our pan onto a baking sheet. Nana would be very proud. Oh, and it's still warm. [CROSSTALK] I know, it's the best. You kidding me? Go on the flattop with this, or put it in a toaster oven. Put a little crust on it and just smother some butter or a little cream cheese or a little cane syrup. [MUSIC] [NOISE] Mm, great. That's good! [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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