Cutting a Refrigerated Pie Crust

Our Test Kitchen Professional reveals a fun trick with refrigerated pie crust to use next time you bake a pie.


Refrigerated pie crust is one of the best ingredients to keep on hand. We use it in the test kitchen for countless recipes. I have a fun trick to show you for the next time you bake a pie. Unroll your pie crust on a lightly floured surface. Just a little bit of flour, so the dough doesn't stick. I'm gonna use small cookie cutters to cut designs into the pie crust. Don't worry, you don't have to do this in any particular pattern. This will make for a creative touch on the top of your pie. After you've punched out all the shapes in the pie dough, gently lift up the dough, be careful it's quite fragile, place it on top of the pie, and you're just going to fold the dough over the pie like you would in a regular recipe. Crimp the dough and bake it as directed in the recipe. I think this is so much easier than weaving strips of dough and it's a really fun trick too.
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