The Best Way To Grill Salmon: Cedar Planking

Salmon is a beautiful, bright fish that we love to have on our dinner plates. It's healthy, it's pretty enough to serve to company, and it's absolutely delicious. We're joined by Gena and Davis Knox of Fire & Flavor in Athens, Georgia as they show us the best and most flavorful way to cook salmon – on a cedar plank. Cedar planks add layers of smoky flavors to your fish, and also are a fun way to present dinner to your guests.


Hey I'm Davis Knox and I'm here with Jenna Knox. We the founders of Fire & Flavor out of Athens Gerorga.>> When we founded our company about 13 years ago we based it on one of our favorite grilling techniques. Which is cedar plank grilling>> So we've got some cedar planks soaking in some water over here. The darker the color of the cedar plank the better the flavor. These are actually made from Western Red Cedar which comes from the coastal Pacific North west This is also the type of cedar you wanna use when you're grilling on a cedar plank.>> So the first thing you wanna do is soak your plank and you really only need to soak it for about a hour but the good thing to know is you can never over soak your planks. And with plank grilling you can do it on the gas or a charcoal grill. The most important thing to know is that you want your grill temperature to be between 350 and 400. I'm just gonna put one of the the soaked planks on the grill. You just wanna pre-heat the plank for about Two to three minutes. So a little bit of smoke will start coming. And really the flavors will really shine through. And while that's preheating, I'm gonna prep my salmon. And this is a beautiful piece of king salmon that I picked up at the local store. And I always like to season my salmon just lightly with a good quality rub. One of our favorite rubs is one from Fire and Flavor. It's our salmon rub. And this has got a little ancho chili, pepper Paprika, a touch of brown sugar, and cumin. I just wanna sprinkle this lightly. And since the plank is done preheating, I'm just gonna flip it. And then we'll put our salmon on. This is a thicker piece of salmon so it'll take a little longer to cook than something like sockeye that's really thin. So we're gonna let the salmon cook between 10 and 15 minutes. And one of the things to remember about plain grilling is if you're gonna pull the entire plank off the grill with the salmon on it your salmon's gonna continue to cook a little bit. So you want to pull it off when the salmon is about medium rare. The aroma of cedar plank salmon is absolutely amazing. So all All your dinner guests and family will be completely wowed. With this rub I think that lamb juice goes really well with it. It just kinda brings out all the flavors and brings everything together. And then the smokiness really goes well with it. Just a touch of sweetness, so I've got some honey and you can also use maple syrup. We're gonna drizzle that right on top Littler bit goes a long way. One of my favorite things to about plank grilling is serving the plank right to the dinner table. This is such a fun way to present your dinner to your family and friends. Serving on a plank is just the highlight of dinner. So I hope you enjoy. [MUSIC]
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