Behind The Scenes: Brennan's Bananas Foster

See how the magic happens behind the scenes with food stylist Callie Blount at our Brennan's Bananas Foster video shoot.


[MUSIC] Hey y'all since today we're making bananas foster, it is a quintessential southern dessert and it is so good And for those of y'all who may not have ever made it at home, we are gonna show you the easy way to make it at home. So, bananas foster is so delicious because you're caramalizing bananas and butter and brown sugar and how delicious is that? So, the first thing we're gonna do, and actually Laura I think is kinda making it behind me as I talk. Is we're going to melt some butter and then add some brown sugar to the butter and let it get nice and caramelly. Then we're going to add the bananas and a touch, just like a little touch, of cinnamon until the bananas get nice and soft and brown. And once that process happens the magic is about to begin for your bananas foster because all your going to do from that point is take it off the heat. And then we're gonna add banana liqueur and rum to it, and then this is the fun part. Take a long match, light it up and set it on fire. If you're looking for a way to impress people at a party, Banana's Foster is your gift to them. For more inspiration I. On how to make ingredients faster, just visit and you know what? I can't resist. I gotta take a bite. You all enjoy, bon appetit, happy [UNKNOWN]. Very good. [SOUND]
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