How To Make A Bacon Apple Pie

Everything tastes better with bacon, right? Give your classic apple pie a savory update with one of the South's tastiest ingredients.


[MUSIC] Bacon is in demand, but this pie, my bacon pie, takes it to a whole new level. Now, this is a really easy recipe and you start with a basic pie crust. You can make your own or you can buy, as I've done here, a pre-made pie crust. And you just roll that sucker out and put it in your. Pie plate. Now, most pie recipes will call for two pie crusts, so you can make a lattice on the top of your apple pie with the other crust. But not this one, because we're gonna use bacon. Now, these apples I've picked are Fuji apples, and Fuji apples. Are really sweet. And most pie recipes, your grandmother's favorite pie probably uses a Granny Smith apple, which is really tart. But I think the sweetness of these apples and the salted goodness of the bacon really combine together to put an interesting twist on an old classic. We'll just get a large bowl and put your apple slices in it. I'm gonna start with some brown sugar, a little bit of cinnamon and ground clove. This is a touch of cardamom, and here is some brown nutmeg. And then we've got a little bit of cornstarch to help bind it all together. We just mix all this together. [MUSIC] So even if you bought your pie crust it's easy to make it look homemade by just rolling the edges under itself and then pinching them into these nice little flutes around the corner. And that just takes three fingers. And all I'm doing is just squeezing the pie crust in between them just like that. [MUSIC] And then transfer it right to the pie crust. And now comes the really fun part, and that's putting a layer of bacon into this pot. Now I'm gonna just weave this bacon onto the pie and weaving bacon onto a pie is not that hard, it's just like doing dough. What I do is I just take four pieces. And just lay' em right over the top of the pie. And then you start on the other side. What you wanna do is get a premium, dry, cured bacon. That's important because dry, cured bacon shrinks less than wet, cured bacon. Don't worry about how close these are together, it's fairly tight, but as it cooks they'll shrink up together even tighter. The other thing that's fantastic about this bacon that I've picked here is this bacon has been smoked. And it's been smoked with apple wood, which is the perfect blend for an apple pie. Now we got all the bacon woven into our lattice on top, and just take a pair of kitchen scissors. And trim up the ones that overlap too much. We're going to cook this bacon, baby, at 350 for one hour with the foil on top of it. And then for an additional 45 minutes without the foil so that the bacon crisped up. Before I can dig in to this baby, I got to let it rest unfortunately for another hour. Torture. [MUSIC] But it's worth it. That's bacon. The bacon in this recipe brings salt, it brings smoke, it brings intense bacon flavor, but it also brings another element that all apple pies have, but it's usually done with butter and that. Fat. So this apple pie recipe has no butter in it, but it's got plenty of fat with that great bacon, and it brings tons of flavor to this dish. [MUSIC]
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