Alex Hitz's Oscar-Worthy Fried Chicken

Watch Alex prepare his famous fried chicken. The secret? Soaking the chicken twice in an egg-milk mixture and double-dredging in highly seasoned flour for a superior crust.


[MUSIC]. This is the number one, the number one in all of the world and outer space, the number one best fried chicken. And you know how I know this? Because we're at the number one place for fried chicken in the Southern Living. Test kitchen, if they don't know about fried chicken, nobody knows about fried chicken. So, this is my guarantee, it's the number one [NOISE]. I'm Alex Hiss, I'm at the temple of southern food, this is where it all happens. The number one place and I'm frying chicken today. I am so excited to fry Dorothy's fried chicken from my book. In this kitchen. This is far out, and I'm glad you're gonna be able to watch it with me. Salt and pepper. Onions and garlic. Beat the eggs with the milk and pour all of this over the chicken mixture. Yum. The chicken is soaking in the wet stuff, and it's time for the dry stuff now. Yum. Flower, salt and pepper, chilli power, paprika. Mm-hm, didn't quit get all of that. And oregeno. Now, look at this. I'm now to bread this chicken. The secret to my chicken is it's got this amazing crust. So we're gonna put it in there. And then we put this on here, we give it a little shake. [NOISE]. Yum and then, we dredge it again. This is gonna ensure a perfectly gorgeous crust in every way and here we go, back again. Because we're gonna take it over to that oil, which is magically, through the magic of television, magically heated to 325 degrees. That's what we love. Right there. Mm-hm. Now it takes a minute. You cannot rush perfection. It takes awhile. Rome was not built in a day and neither was the most perfect fried chicken on the history of the face of the earth. It was not built in one day. It takes about seven minutes for the thinner parts and a little bit more, maybe up to 15, for the breasts. But you wanna make sure that it's golden and not dark brown. Because if it's dark brown. It's gonna be too dry on the inside. You don't want that. Mm-hm. [SOUND]
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