Warm Fruit Sides

Jennifer Davick / Styling Rose Nguyen / Food Styling Marian Cooper Cairns
Make-ahead Sherry-Baked Winter Fruit is my go-to recipe when planning holiday menus.

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Keep Sherry-Baked Winter Fruit cued up for entertaining. It’s a terrific spin on a hot dish that Southern cooks often made with pineapple, peaches, and pears to accompany ham. Serve it with your big Christmas dinner or with an egg casserole for brunch. Or turn it into dessert or an appetizer. Find your occasion to make it soon.

Make-ahead Sherry-Baked Winter Fruit is my go-to recipe when planning holiday menus. It’s lovely for dinner with roasted turkey, pork loin, or ham, but it is also great for breakfast topped with Brown Sugar-Lemon Sour Cream.

A Makeover for Leftovers
Stop―don’t toss out even a spoonful of Sherry-Baked Winter Fruit. Here’s how to redo any remaining fruit and the juices into a fancy appetizer in minutes. (It’s so good, you may want to sneak out what you need for this dish before serving the remaining.)

Winter Compote-and-Cheese Appetizer: Reserve 1/2 to 1 cup Sherry-Baked Winter Fruit and 2 to 3 Tbsp. cooked juices. Chop fruit, and toss with juices. Serve at room temperature, spooned over a 4- to 6-oz. block or wedge of cheese such as Stilton, chèvre, or Brie. Serve with toasted baguette slices or table water crackers. Makes 6 servings; Prep: 10 min.

One more Idea! Spoon the baked fruit over butter pecan ice cream, garnish with a crispy cookie, and serve for dessert.

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