Tricks to Great Treats

Crisp fall apples only get better covered in chewy caramel and rich chocolate.

I have Penny P. Patrick's Praline Parlor to thank for my love of caramel apples. While working at this shop within Six Flags Great America amusement park, I made well over 50,000 of them. The hours of leaning over a huge cauldron of hot caramel taught me a few tricks of the trade. Now you and I can both enjoy this tasty fall treat.



Cook's Notes

  • Lightly scrub apples with mild soap and a soft scrub brush to remove waxy coating.
  • Hot caramel won't stick to a wet apple, so make sure apples are thoroughly dry.
  • Don't get the caramel too hot, or you'll end up with a thin layer on your apple and the rest sliding off.
  • Scrape excess caramel off the sides of your apple before rolling in nuts or other coating. Don't forget to scrape the bottom of the apple too.

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