Holiday Hotline Tip: How To Carve Your Turkey

We're showing you the best way to cleanly and evenly cut your Thanksgiving turkey. Hint: It all starts with great tools.

Turkey Troubles? Contact the SL Holiday Hotline:
800/366-4712 ext. 66531
Twitter and Facebook: #SLHotline


[MUSIC] Our reader asked, I always destroy the turkey when it comes time to carve. What is the best way to carve a turkey? It all begins with the proper tools. You need a good sharp carving knife, a meat fork to hold the bird in place, and a cutting board to work on. First remove the thigh and leg section by pulling from the breast and making a smooth even stroke with your knife. For the breast meat, simply slice in the direction of the breast plate. And hey if you're like my grandma, you can whip out your electric knife. Those things work too. [MUSIC]
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