Top 5 Thanksgiving Side Dishes

Let our familiar holiday favorite recipes, along with tempting new creations to try, inspire your holiday feast.


[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Shirley, senior food editor at Southern Living. It's countdown time to the holidays, and there are so many recipes and so little time to pull together your celebration menus. Here are a few side dishes to help narrow your choices, and keep that frenzy level low. Classic sweet potato casserole will make everyone happy, with its delicious stripes of mini marshmallows and crunchy pecan streussel. Baked the potatoes for a richer, caramelized taste. [MUSIC] Then add the holiday seasons essential ingredients, butter, sugar and vanilla. Grandma Ermas spirited cranberry sauce calls for four ingredients. Port wine, orange liquer, sugar and of course cranberries. We know some guests will be leery of any cranberry sauce. So walk them to the kitchen for a sample before supper. They'll be won over in one spoonful. If you're frying turkey this year, you've got to have cornbread stuffing with butternut squash as a side. It's a savory saute' of the New Orleans trinity, onion, bell pepper and celery along with butternut squash, potatoes and tart Granny Smith apples. Cut open a bag of cornbread stuffing mix, stir it all together, and bake. This 20 minute side dish. Oven roasted asparagus can also be made with green beans. Olive oil and garlic are the seasonings and toasted almonds the crunchy accent. Prep the recipe a couple of hours in advanced then just pop it in the oven to cook while the meat rests before serving. My mom taught me this method for making perfect mashed potatoes. She and I used Idahos back then. But now I go for Yukon golds, for rich buttery flavor and texture. First, you peel the potatoes. Then boil and drain. This step is key, put the pan back on the heat, until the potatoes look dry. This will prevent them from tasting steamed or watery. Add butter, half and half, and cream cheese and bring to a hearty boil. Use a hand-held mixer, and beat just until the potatoes release from the beaters. Perfect. Find more amazing side dish recipes for the holidays in Southern Living Magazine and on
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