Top 5 Thanksgiving Main Dishes

Find the perfect turkey, ham, or pork recipe to anchor your holiday meal.


[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Shirley, Senior Food Editor at Southern Living. The holidays have arrived. And you've kinda got it under control. I know the feeling. So I hope a few recipes for stunning entrees will help with the menu planning. Let's start with the suggestion for a big turkey, that's a Southern Living classic. Roast Turkey with sage and thyme. Slide herb sprigs and butter under the skin, so as it cooks, the seasonings melt into the meat and blend with the flavors of pears and garlic. Tucked inside the bird presented in all its glory to guests with pretty garnishes. Then slip into the kitchen to carve. Divine, I promise. Our bourbon cranberry turkey tenderloin recipe, calls for a quick 30 minute soak in a bourbon and cranberry sauce mixture. Then hand the tenderloins over to the guys to grill, leaving the oven free to bake your yummy side dishes, and dinner rolls. If you're looking for a dish, that's classic and really simple to make, try garlic herb roasted chicken. Four herbs, thyme, rosemary, parley, and sage. Give it a rustic, homey flavor. Roast the chicken on a layer of vegetables for extra richness, wonderful with a crisp white wine. Grilled pork roast with fruit compote, makes for one dazzling entree. A rub of rosemary and garlic flavors the pork. While grilling low and slow over indirect heat guarantees juicy results. Serve with a generous spoonful of the sweet yet tart Granny Smith apple and fig compote. [MUSIC] A good ham recipe is wonderful any time of the year. So, although this sweet, hot, plum glazed ham is on a spring table, I had to share it. Oh my goodness, one online reader said. This recipe is fabulous. My guests went nuts over the sauce. Make it perfect for the holidays with a garnish of wintery herbs like rosemary and sage. And call it sensational glazed holiday ham. You'll find more entrees to wow your holiday guests in Southern Living magazine and on [MUSIC]
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