Holiday Hotline Tip: Lighter Thanksgiving Desserts

Sometimes you just can't imagine saving room for a rich dessert after a filling Thanksgiving meal. We have great ideas for light desserts that won't leave you feeling over-stuffed.

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[MUSIC] After cooking and eating dinner the last thing I can think about is pie. What's a lighter easy dessert option? I can never think of a time when I don't want pie but I get where you're coming from. Especially if your guests can't linger after the main event and allow their bellies to make room. Try rolling out a sheet of puff pastry and spreading it with a fruit mixture. Like pears and cranberries or apples. Bake until golden brown. And serve with a dollop of whipped cream. If you fold the edges of the pastry around the fruit, it will look special for the occasion too. Or try our poached pears. We've got a great recipe. You can poach them a day or two ahead. And reheat them just before serving. [MUSIC]
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