Holiday Hotline Tip: How To Keep Pumpkin Pie from Cracking

Don't let a cracked pumpkin pie ruin your perfect presentation! Follow our simple tips to keep your dessert smooth, pretty, and ready to serve.

Turkey Troubles? Contact the SL Holiday Hotline:
800/366-4712 ext. 66531
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One question we often get at the holidays is how do I keep a pumpkin pie from cracking. There isn't a secret trick to making sure you have a picture-perfect pie. Just don't overbake it. Make sure to pull it from the oven when it's set but still a teeny bit jiggly in the center [INAUDIBLE] The residual heat will finish the cooking when it's out of the oven. But if it does crack, there's an easy trick for that too. Just cover it up with whipped cream.
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