How To Plan A Thanksgiving Brunch

Start your holiday off with a plentiful brunch. These simple but impressive Thanksgiving brunch ideas from our Southern Living kitchen cover everything from a cheery and fruity mimosa bar to warmed pancakes and everyone's favorite coffee cake. Prep many of these ideas the night before, and then you won't have to scramble with an early morning.


Thanksgiving is the holiday when everyone comes home and stays for the weekend. When you've got everyone under one roof, breakfast is a great opportunity for a hostess to show her stuff. I'm not suggesting you labor over omelettes to order but here are a few simple, elegant ideas that'll get the day off to a great start. First things first let's start with the drinks, forget the bloody mary bar and do a mimosa bar instead. I really love this idea because you can use sparkling apple cider and kids can participate too, because most of them won't touch tomato juice. Let people pour their own champagne or sparkling cider and put out different juices and fruit nectars for them to use as mixers. Here, we've got some cranberry juice, some orange juice, Some mango nectar, and some peach nectar. You can find canned nectars in the juice section of the grocery store. Set out simple fruit garnishes, like orange wedges, strawberries, or raspberries. And if you really wanna get fancy you can put out bunches of fresh herbs. Like rosemary, basil, and mint. They'll add a hint of herbal flavor to the mimosa, which is a great balance to the sweet juices. A nice way to show a little southern hospitality to overnight guests is with a gourmet pancake buffet in the morning, because what's better than freshly flipped pancakes? They're easy to make and always a crowd pleaser. You can get a head start and get cooking before everyone is awake and ready to eat. Just make the pancakes and keep them warm in a 250 to 300 degree oven. You can set out a variety of toppings, like fresh fruit, whipped cream chopped bacon, maybe some salmon and sour cream. And the great thing about the savory toppings, is that whatever you don't use, you can use the next morning to scramble into a big batch of scrambled eggs. Another thing I love to serve for breakfast is homemade coffee cake. There are tons of quick, simple recipes out there. And many you can even prepare the night ahead. I think coffee cake is so great because it's something you can keep out all day and let people snack on. And it doubles as a sweet bite after dinner with a cup of coffee. The ultimate hostess move is to make two coffee cakes, freeze one, wrap it and tie it with a bow to give your guests as they depart for home. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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