Easy DIY Spooky Trees For Halloween

This Halloween decoration can be created from things found right in your backyard.


Hi, I'm Vicky from Southern Living Magazine. Today we're gonna make spooky trees for your Halloween celebration. These trees are so simple to make. And they cost a lot less than the ones you'll find in specialty shops and catalogs. Start by selecting your branches. You need to look for branches that have smaller stems at the top, so that they really will look like trees when you have them in the pots. Select a container to hold your spooky tree. A terracotta pot is the easiest thing to use. Once you're got your branches and your container, spray paint them black. Next you're got to secure the branches in the container. For a permanent solution, use Plaster of Paris. But you've gotta make sure you have somewhere to store this, cuz once it's in there, it's stuck. Once the Plaster of Paris is set, you need to finish the trees. You can use river rocks, black marbles, candy corn, shredded paper that goes in packages or reindeer moss. This is available at local craft stores. Take the ranger moss and just fill in. To cover up the painted plaster of Paris. The ranger moss is soft and it's easy to work with. If it dries out, simply spray it a few times with water. If you don't want the mess of plaster of paris, here's an easy way to make a spooky tree. Place the branch in a container and fill the container with rocks. You can use any rocks you like. Pea gravel, river rock, you could even use sand. And in less than a minute, you've got your own spooky tree. These trees are a great foundation to set the mood for your Halloween decor. Make them your own by adding candy tied on with ribbon or spider webs. For more great Halloween and holiday ideas, pick up Southern Living Magazine or visit southernliving.com.
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