Get the Look: Woodland Pheasant by Spode

Photo: Laurey W. Glenn
While the Woodland Pheasant pattern by Spode is relatively new, the border of British flowers dates to 1828.

Woodland Pheasant Dinner Plate by Spode: $45; 888/778-1471
Tablecloth: Mushroom Paper;
Napkin: Florentine in Feather;
Napkin Ring: Clear Lucite;
Flatware: Alain Saint-Joanis Marbella;
Place Mat: Water Hyacinth, round;
Charger: Chocolate & Gold Ivory Charger;
Bell (holding place card): Vintage Toasting Bell;
Water Glass: Jewel All-purpose Glass;
Tumbler: Amber Crackle;

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