For many of us, the holidays wouldn't be the same without these recipes. We thought we'd pass them along to you.

Holiday Favorites:

This mouthwatering collection of dishes is sure to add sparkle to your table. The Southern Living family drew from Christmas memories when putting together this menu. Several classics received an update, while others were streamlined for convenience. There's something for everyone, regardless of time, budget, or confidence in the kitchen. Your only requirement is to round out the occasion with warmth, hospitality, and good will. Happy holidays!

Special Touches

  • Use lots of candles.
  • Avoid using highly fragrant flowers such as lilies, paperwhites, and hyacinths in your centerpiece. Their sweet scents can clash with food aromas.
  • Cut flowers take up an amazing amount of water, so be sure to check levels daily. You may need to refill them frequently.

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