How To Make Scary Spider Leg Coolers

Use pumpkins for festive ways to ice down drinks this Halloween.


Hi. I'm Vicky, Associate Food Editor for Southern Living magazine. Start a tradition this Halloween by making spider pumpkin coolers to ice down drinks for your party. These copper spider legs will last for years so you'll be able to use them again and again. The copper will develop a patina that adds real character. You can always polish the legs if you prefer a shiny finish. You can select the size of copper tubing that best fits your pumpkin. You want to cut the tubing to the desired length with a hacksaw or a copper tube cutter. The cutter is the easiest to use. You can purchase these at a hardware or home improvement store when you get the tubing. You want to measure and mark [SOUND] the lengths of copper before you start. You're going to attach the copper to cutter by fitting it into these two little grooves here. You twist the knob. You'll be able to feel the edge of the blade on the copper. And don't do it too tight or you'll crimp it. Once you get it on, you turn it. Now, loosen up a little bit, and then tighten it again. Keep turning until you have a clean cut. Any rough edges can be sanded down with an emery board. For each pumpkin you'll cut a total of eight legs that are the same length. We've got a few samples here to show you. I call these curvy legs and then right-angle legs. Curvy legs are made from a coil of soft copper tubing that she usually use to connect an ice maker to its water source. This version is the easiest to create. Once they're cut, all you have to do is attach them to the sides of the pumpkin. To make s shaped legs, take a piece of the tube and lay it on a flat surface and hold it with one hand. Using the other hand, slowly bend the copper into the desired shape. You'll want to make a larger curve at the top. And a smaller shape for the foot. Once you make the first leg, use it as a guide for the other seven. For legs with fixed right angles, purchase straight pieces of tubing. These legs were each made from a 12 inch piece. You'll also need 16 right angle fittings or elbows. Cut three pieces, two short and one long from each 12 inch length. These are two inches, six inches, and four inches. Glue the sections and the fittings together. We had it in caps on to the foot ends of some of these legs. We wanna secure these with glue too. Be sure to let all the glue dry. Clean your pumpkin. Cut and discard the top, seeds and stringy pulp from the inside. Attach the legs by gently pushing the tubing into the sides of the pumpkin. The edges of the two will easily pierce the skin. Space the legs around the sides and do your best to match up the positions from side to side so your spider will be balanced. If you're serving drinks in your pumpkin cooler inside or on a table or surface that could be damaged from condensation, take precautions to protect it by lining the pumpkin with a large plastic bag [SOUND]. Tucking the ends under. Then add ice, and your favorite beverages. Add you're done.
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