The Myth About Poinsettias

The Grumpy Gardener refutes the great holiday myth of poinsettias.


[MUSIC] And now a tip from The Grumpy Gardener. One of the garden myths that I really hate and I want to refute is one you hear all the time around the holidays, and that is, poinsettias are poisonous. Now, this is absolutely false. There's no truth to this at all. See what happened was, is that somebody way back when, went and pulled off a poinsettia leaf, saw it had this milky white sap, said oh, well that's poisonous. And then all of a sudden everybody it the world believes that. There is no truth to that rumor. No one has ever died from eating a poinsettia. In fact, you could probably ingest 400 leaves of a poinsettia and all you'd get is a stomach ache. The poinsettia, believe me, [LAUGH] he'd be a lot worse off than you. But, remember this, if you learned nothing. Poinsettia's aren't poisonous. The KGB has never once bumped off an enemy agent by feeding them a poinsettia. The preceding has been a tip from The Grumpy Gardener. [MUSIC]
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