Photo: Becky Luigart-Stayner

A healthy spin on strawberry shortcake and a "Mom-mosa" make an irresitible breakfast treat for Mother's Day.

Mother's Day Brunch Recipes:

This menu is packed with multi-grains, fruit, and yogurt making it healthy yet satisfying. Impress your mom by putting this quick breakfast together, or treat yourself any morning.

5 Good-for-You Ingredients

  1. Multi-Grain Muffin
    Need more fiber? Swap out whole or multi-grain English muffins for regular ones in this recipe. They cook the same, and some brands have up to 8 grams of fiber per serving! (That's about 30% of your daily needs.)
  2. Buttermilk
    This Southern staple is also a "probiotic" powerhous. Try it in a smoothie in place of yogurt; it measures easier, is less expensive, and has the same live active cultures and richness. Plus, it tastes great.
  3. Orange and Red Fruits
    The powerful antioxidants in these colorful fruits help lower cancer risks and support the immune system. Stock up on seasonal favorites like strawberries and nectarines, and free some for later.
  4. Greek Yogurt
    Also full of probiotics, Greek yogurt has many uses in the kitchen. Its rich texture makes it a perfect substitute for sour cream. Add a flavorful tang to mashed or baked potatoes. Or make a tasty dip with it.
  5. Champagne
    Not only does it offer heart health benefits but also it's loaded with antioxidants. Please indulge yourself in this "grape juice-plus" in mdoeration. A glass here or there is beneficial. A whole bottle is not!

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