Light-and-Flavorful Backyard Feast

Share these good-for-you recipes atyour next family gathering.

Take supper outside with a delicious menu that promises great tastes and easy prep for any casual get-together. You won't miss the fat or the calories in these scrumptious recipes. We've even given you a luscious treat for dessert--low-fat Cheesecake Tarts. They offer the richness of regular cheesecake in every lightened bite. Slices of fresh fruit on top provide extra goodness.

Healthy Benefits

  • Introducing a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables to children at an early age promotes healthful eating habits later in life.
  • Kids who play outside regularly are less likely to become overweight adults. 

"Light-and-Flavorful Backyard Feast" is from the June 2007 issue of Southern Living.

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