How To Make Icebox Dinner Rolls

Recipe: Icebox Dinner Rolls

Warm, soft yeast rolls are the star of any dinner meal, and are especially coveted on the Thanksgiving table. Perfecting your Icebox Dinner Rolls isn't hard to do. See how our Test Kitchen prepares this delicious yeast roll recipe and learn our baking tips.


[MUSIC] Hi. I'm Pam from the Southern Living test kitchen, and we're gonna make icebox dinner rolls. First we're gonna take six tablespoons of shortening. Then we're gonna take one cup of boiling water, and we're gonna pour that over our shortening. Add a quarter cup of sugar, and one teaspoon of salt, stir that until our shortening melts. I'll get a quart of a couple of warm water, and we're gonna add our yeast and let that stand, it'll take about five minutes. Now we're going to measure out four cups of all purpose flour. And always spoon your flour, you don't want to scoop, you want to spoon because you want to keep that flour loose witch keeps for a very light, delicate, texture grove. We're going to beat one egg. Now that our yeast is proofed, you can see where it's come up, from a quarter of a cup all the way to a half of a cup and its nice and bubbly. Now we're going to start adding our ingredients to our shortening and water mixture, and you want to make sure that this has gotten just lukewarm. You don't want it to still be to hot. Because if it's too hot, then it will kill your yeast. So what we're gonna do, we're gonna turn our mixer on low and we're just gonna start adding these other ingredients. I'm gonna add my egg. [SOUND] And then, my yeast mixture. And now then, I'm gonna start adding my flour gradually, and I like to just add it a tablespoon at a time. What you're doing you wanna make sure that it gets, very well incorporated, into your liquid. Now just add that last little [UNKNOWN] just about pouring it in. Then once it gets incorporated in there, I'll turn it up just a little bit. So it mixes in there really well and it'll start pulling away from the bowl a little bit and when it starts pulling away from that bowl, then you know that you can go ahead and turn it off. Now it's ready to go into the fridge. Take a large bowl and just spray it really well with cooking spray. [MUSIC] [NOISE] And scrape all of your dough. Now I'm just gonna kind of take it and just flip it up and just take some Saran Wrap and you're gonna cover it and you're gonna pop this in the fridge. And it will stay in there for eight to 24 hours. This is how our dough will look after it's been in the fridge,for at least eight hours, and what you want to do, is flour, either a pastry cloth. Or this is a pastry mat, which is great for working with dough's and piecrust's. [MUSIC] But you wanna get it floured pretty heavily. And you wanna get your hands floured, 'cuz you're gettin' ready to work with this. We're gonna need it for just a little while. It doesn't take much. And we're just gonna give it a turn. You're gettin' it good and pliable. Where you can work with it and it also gets the gluten activated which helps with the rise. You cans ee how nice and pliable the dough is and it's become very elastic and that's what you're wanting is just a really nice elastic dough, you can see when I punch it like this You can see that it kinda holds a little indentation. Which means you've got a perfect dough. So now I'm gonna prepare my pan. It's just a 12 cup muffin pan. And we're gonna take the cooking spray again. Spray each one of them really well. And I like to take a paper towel. And just clean off the edge. 'Cuz sometimes that cooking spray can burn on your pan, and it's hard to get off. Pull off like little one inch pieces, about that size. And to form this, gently take your dough and work it like this. You're just kinda tuckin' it under. Where it doesn't look very pretty on the bottom, but on the top it's nice and smooth. And we're gonna put three of the little dough balls in each one of the cups. When we get done we'll brush it with butter. We're gonna cover it with plastic wrap. And we're gonna put it in a warm place until these rise double. They'll be double the size that they are right now. And it's gonna take about 45 minutes, maybe an hour, and one little trick I love to do is I'll turn my oven on for just a few minutes, and then turn it off. And it creates a nice warm environment in there. It will be around eighty degrees inside that oven and you pop the rolls in there covered with plastic wrap and let them sit in that warm oven undisturbed. Forty five minutes to an hour later they will be ready to bake. Alright, these have come out of our warm oven, and we're gonna remove the plastic wrap. You don't wanna bake them with that on there, but you can see how they've risen up. So these are gonna go in our 400 degree oven and they'll bake between 18, 20 to 22 minutes. You want them a nice golden brown before you remove them from the oven. Now that they're beautifully browned, we're gonna take our, the rest of our melted butter, and just brush the tops with them. And it just gives them a beautiful sheen. These are our icebox dinner rolls. It's good mmh. [LAUGH]
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