Make the Bow from our December Cover Cake

Give your white Christmas cake the perfect finishing touch! Follow along as we show you how to make a festive fondant bow, step-by-step.

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[MUSIC] I'm excited to walk you through the steps for our fun, super easy bow that's going on the December cover cake. You want to take your piece of white fondant and roll it out thin. Roll it to about one-eighth inch thick, then using a ruler as your guide, make long, white strips about a quarter of an inch wide. And cut those with the pizza wheel. And I find that, that really works the best. Cut those out and lay' em to the side. Then roll out your red fondant. Again, roll it to about an eighth of an inch thick. And using your ruler as your guide. You wanna cut these to about two and a half inches wide. And make these about eight inches long for the bow part. And then, you wanna run water down the long white strip. Using either your finger or a paint brush. And lay those on top of your rib strip and roll that out to just very gently attach it and then you want to wrap this very gently over a paper tube. These are cut from a paper towel roll. [MUSIC] And roll those to form the bow. And then, you want to set those aside and then roll out your red fondant again and cut, two more strips. And these will be about 2 1/2 inches wide. And you can make them eight inches to ten inches long. And cut those again with the pizza wheel using your ruler and then attach your long white strips again. And then, just cut a little notch. And then, you can use foil to give it some movement by just placing that very gently underneath it and shaping the, the bow tail over that. And then, we're gonna set those aside and then cut. A, knot. Which will be just a small rectangle that'll be about two and a half inches wide again, by maybe two and a half to three inches long. And then we'll form that and let that dry. And it's very important to let this dry at least 24 hours. After letting our bow dry overnight, we'll assemble it onto our cake. And you want to start with your bow tails. Then you'll lay the bow pieces right on top of the bow tails. Get that nice and centered. And then we'll attach our knot. And you can use just a little bit of leftover icing and then lay that on there. Like that. And you've got your beautiful Christmas caddy. For more test kitchen tips, check out Southern Living. [MUSIC]
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