How To Dry a Wishbone

Learn more about this holiday tradition–including the best way to dry it.


Breaking the wishbone is a fun tradition that hails from ancient Rome where the wishbone was seen as a symbol of luck. Romans appropriately decided to turn the wishbone into a battle situation where two folks would each grab a tong from the wishbone, yank, and whoever was left with the larger piece was said to have good fortune. If your wishbone isn't dry, it will simply bend. Which, depending on the maturity levels of the competitors, they turn into a wishbone wrestling match, as it did one year at my family Thanksgiving. Here's how to avoid this. Wash the wishbone, and let it dry for two to three days on the counter. So that's the long way. The fast way to do it is to pop the wishbone into the dishwasher with all your dishes. Make sure you're running the dry cycle, that's what'll dry out the bone, and then it'll be ready to break in about an hour. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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