Holiday Menu from the Caribbean

Scott Suchman / Styling by Katherine Eckert / Food Styling by Alyssa Porubcan
Greet your out-of-town company with this Latin-inspired menu.

Cuban Christmas Menu:

We looked to the Miami masters of fun, good times, and easy-to-do Cuban foods--Raul Musibay, Jorge Castillo, and Glenn Lindgren--to help us with a dinner that will reenergize travel-weary guests. These brothers-in-law call themselves the Three Guys From Miami, and we've adapted recipes from their cookbook, Three Guys From Miami Cook Cuban (Gibbs Smith Publisher, $29.95,, for you to try. The main dish takes you outdoors to grill chicken. Dessert is a very relaxing and potent Rum Cake. As Raul tells it, entertaining company should be "No rush! Laugh and have a good time, do a little salsa [dancing], or whatever it is at your house. Greet everyone with a smile, and be happy." Some good words to set the mood in your home.

"Holiday Menu from the Caribbean" is from the November 2005 issue of Southern Living.

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