Grumpy Gardener: Holiday Decorating Time-Saver

The Grumpy Gardener shares his tips for saving time when decorating for the holidays.


[MUSIC] And, now, a tip from, the Grumpy Gardener. [MUSIC] Here's another ingenious, Christmas, decorating tip from the Grump Gardener. You, know, keep this is mind, as you're decorating. [MUSIC] For, every minute, you spend puttin' those decorations up, you're gonna spend one minute takin' them down. [MUSIC] l, hate doin' that after Christmas, don't you? So, here's my tip. [MUSIC] What I do, is I get those strings, of the little twinkle lights. [MUSIC] And I put em up, in my Crate Mertle, right in front of my house, I, string em all up along the branches and you know what? After Christmas, I just leave em there, and, all you have to do, is while all my neighbors, are out spending hours up on ladders, taking all their stuff down, All i gotta do is just unplug the tree, five seconds and it's done. I'm, a lazy guy. [MUSIC] And I think, you ought be lazy, too. [MUSIC] The preceding, has been a tip, from the Grumpy Gardener. [MUSIC]
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