5 Christmas Desserts You'll Want To Make This Year

We've got some elegant, delicious Christmas desserts that both look impressive and taste divine. Follow along for some of our best tips on how to pull together fun recipes that are sure to impress your holiday guests.


[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Rebecca from the Southern Living test kitchen. Nothing says it's the holidays quite like a fresh from the oven specialty baked with love. You can't go wrong with on of our top rated foolproof desserts. With a few tips and secrets, you'll be baking these yummy sweets with confidence in no time. Bring instant smiles to cheery faces with Rudolph's Christmas sugar cookies. Starting with refrigerated sugar cookie dough allows you to spend more time decorating the cookies with the kids. Just pick up mini chocolate chips. Pretzel twists and cinnamon candies to make everyone's favorite holiday reindeer. Crunchy pecan squares are the ideal nibble to take to a holiday party. These rich and nutty eight ingredient bites are layered and baked in a dish. So you can decide how large or small you want to cut them. Stack several in tins or boxes. Then wrap with simple ribbon for the perfect gift. Caramel cream cake is a twist on a timeless classic, Italian cream cake. It's a wonderful alternative to chocolate around the holidays. Bake the cake layers ahead of time and plan to ice them while frozen. This will help keep messy crumbs from mingling with your frosting. Don't stress over icing of flawless cake. Toasted coconut and finely-chopped pecans will hide any imperfections. Create a lasting impression. When you serve chocolate mint cake this holiday season. This handsome dessert of velvety chocolate cake layers. Filled with peppermint bliss. Tastes just like a chocolate-covered peppermint patty. Don't be tempted to substitute peppermint extract for the peppermint oil used in this recipe. Peppermint oil has a highly concentrated flavor and can be found in cake supplies stores. The smooth ganache on the outside really gives this cake a sophisticated look and will fast become a family favorite. If you're looking for the ultimate show-stopping dessert, chocolate citrus cake with candy oranges is the way to go. Decadent chocolate cake layers filled with a light and airy whipped ganache. Are then iced in fluffy white, So Southern Seven-Minute frosting. Vanilla-scented candy oranges are the crowning jewels of this over-the-top masterpiece. It's definitely worth the effort and so doable with a few tips. Make the layers well in advance and freeze them. For snowy swirls, use the back of a spoon when applying the frosting to the cake. You could also make the oranges a few days ahead of time, so all you have to do is place them on top. For more decadent holiday desserts, pick up a copy of Southern Living magazine, and visit southernliving.com.
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