Holiday Appetizer Trays

Put together the perfect appetizer tray for your next holiday get-together.


[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Kimberly Schlegel Whitman, Editor At Large at Southern Living. A few well chosen offerings can help keep your party tray simple but still fabulously festive. The key to an impressive appetizer tray is to stick to a local theme. For a Dixie party tray, pick up a mellow, buttery cheese, brined pecans and toast points and pick up country ham and peach preserves at your grocery store. Present them on your favorite silver tray and in your favorite silver serving pieces. For this Creole party tray, we selected a Louisiana yellow cheese, but you may subsitute a Gouda. Add some smoked paprika glazed andouille, frenchie flats, and pick up a sweet cajun trail mix or pickled okra. [MUSIC] For a casual look, present it on a pewter tray. [MUSIC] Here's a fun idea for a Blue Ridge party tray. Start with a bleu cheese, stilton, or gorgonzola. Sweet potato chips are a nice nod to North Carolina's cash crop. Add golden delicious apples and glazed walnuts. [MUSIC] Present it all on a wooden cutting board for a rustic mountain look that's still elegant. For more style and party tips, check out
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