Expert Christmas Lighting Tips

Todd Taulman
Callaway Gardens' lighting expert shares some tricks of the trade.

Greg Brannen knows how to make Christmas lights shine. As the one who oversees Callaway Gardens’ Fantasy In Lights, Greg has years of illuminating experience. We asked for his tips on home lighting displays and storage.

1. The Rule of 3: The basic electrical plug can handle only three strands of lights at a time. Don’t try to plug in more.

2. White Works: When in doubt on choosing white vs. colored lights, go with white.

3. Rope Lights, great for Sculptures: These days, most sculptures are created using “rope lights” (flexible rows of lights inside clearPVC tubing). They can bebent, shaped, and cut, making them much easier to set up and store.

4. Easy Storage: Carefully roll your strings of lights around a cardboard paper towel tube when it’s time to put them away. That should help protect the bulbs.

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