Cupcake Championship

Whose sweet treat will devour the opponent? Try the recipes below and tell us whose side you're on.


[MUSIC] Welcome to Southern Living's cupcake championship. On my right we have Rebecca, representing the Alabama Crimson Tide. On my left we have Vanessa, representing the LSU Tigers. The rules for this game are simple. Each team gets 45 seconds to describe their best cupcake. On my whistle the game clock will start. Alabama has won the coin toss and has elected to go first. Rebecca, are you ready to go? Yes. Vanessa, are you ready to go? So ready. Let the championship, begin. [SOUND] Alright, here's our game plan. We have our crimson cupcake. We're gonna start with the red velvet cake. And then we're gonna move on to a white chocolate amaretto frosting, that will go on the top of that red velvet cupcake. We're going to also make some hand made team spirit pennants and then we'll have some hounds tooth cupcake liners that will give us that real Crimson Tide feel. Now, to do our cupcake we're going to just use our frosting here in the bag. You want to just zip that right over the top like so for a winning combination. And then we're gonna make devour-worthy pennant sayings, to go on these pennants that will go in the top, like go Tide. And then you're gonna slip that right down into a hounds tooth cupcake liner for old, sweet holy bear's sake. Roll Tide. [SOUND] Vanessa, it is now your team's turn. All right, now here we go LSU. Right here we have the log purple red gold cupcakes. First we take our cupcake. It's nice and fluffy, but the team isn't. We're gonna take the middle out of the cupcake. [MUSIC] And fill it with lots of yummy frosting. [MUSIC] So then what we're gonna do next is put some gray purple frosting on the top. Now that's a go tiger color right there. And of course the piece of resistance, the best part is putting a little honey badger all over it. Then what we do is take a pennant, put it in there, now that's a touch down of flavor. Go LSU. Woo. [SOUND] [MUSIC] Thank you to both teams. It's now up to y'all to decide the winner, so go online and vote and for more great game day recipes, visit
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