Style Guide: Christmas Wreaths

Add instant holiday cheer to your home with inspiration from our featured wreaths.


Hi I'm Jennifer Burno, Associate Decorating Editor at Southern Living Magazine. A Christmas wreath adds instant holiday cheer inside or outside your house. From the front door to the dining room here are some easy ideas for decorating with wreaths. A Christmas wreath on the front door is a no fail way to create a warm holiday welcome. Choose one in keeping with the architecture of your house, maybe a pine wreath for a simple low country cottage or a classic magnolia version for a cozy stone cabin. [MUSIC] Hang a loose casual wreath on a screen door to amp it up for the holidays. Windows make great backdrops for wreaths too. For a dramatic look, hang wreaths on the outside of every window of your house. Punctuated with crisp red ribbon, the effect is classic Christmas. Decorate with wreaths inside too. Hang a wreath from a curtain rod over a set of windows to avoid filling the wall or woodwork with nail holes. Held up by long strands of colorful ribbon with ornaments tied to the ends, it's a fresh and youthful look for a standard evergreen. [MUSIC] You can also use removable adhesive hooks to apply reeds to the wall, or use tiny nails at the top of your window trim where the holes will never show. [MUSIC] For a playful holiday style, look for reeds in unusual materials. [MUSIC] Try hanging brightly colored wreaths made out of feathers, which blend well with retro decor or in kids' rooms. Wreaths can make an impact in some of the most unlikely places. Use them to embellish chairs around your dining table, to dress up a bare beam. Or even over a plain mirror. Look for wreaths in unexpected materials like fresh flowers, olive branches, or acorns, for a unique effect. [MUSIC] Whether you hang one simple wreath, or dozens in mass, you're sure to make a big holiday statement. [INAUDIBLE] For more holiday inspiration, pick up a copy of Southern Living and visit
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