Celebrate Fall With Friends

Beth Dreiling
Maximize the fun and minimize the effort with our friendly menu and easy decorating ideas

On a chilly October afternoon, before the little goblins come knocking for treats, summon friends to your neck of the woods for a little merriment. Take a wonderfully warm beverage and a tasty, crunchy snack along on a hayride, and bask in the brilliant beauty of fall. Afterward, serve a scrumptious meal that features simple, flavorful flank steak over grits, and end with a cake that's spook-tacular. Costume the setting with jack-o'-lantern luminarias, and offer a grab bag of disguises for guests. With our great recipes and party ideas, the only thing frightening will be the ghost stories told around the flickering flames of a campfire.

The Season's Best Menu
(Serves 6)

Celebrate Fall" is from the October 2003 issue of Southern Living.

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