Get the Look: Blue Danube by Blue Danube

Photo: Laurey W. Glenn
The flowers in this Blue Danube pattern, representing good fortune and happiness, were inspired by the Chinese Yuan dynasty.

Blue Danube Dinner Plate by Blue Danube: $29.99; discontinued but available through
Tablecloth Fabric: Blue and White Lattice (204-143); 205/322-5878
Flatware: Fairfax;
Bowl: Cielo Blue;
Tray: Small Round Tray with Handles;
Charger: Sendan-Tokusa (Blue Line) Series (C561);
Bread and Butter Plate: Blue Dragon;
Napkin: Primitive Artisan Picnic Blue;
Napkin Ring: Bird;
Water Goblet: Pop;
Wineglass: Sheffield Crystal with Platinum Trim by Fostoria;

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