12 Cakes for Christmas

From simple cupcakes to showstopping layer cakes, this easy batter makes a dozen fabulous desserts. Bake one, or try them all.

A Cake that Bakes 12 Ways:

We came up with one easy-to-make cake batter that bakes to become an incredibly delicious, velvety-rich chocolate cake. Then we paired it with a dozen of our favorite frostings and toppings--one for each of the 12 days of Christmas. Tied with holiday ribbons or garnished with fresh mint and colorful candies, these cakes are doable for anyone--novice or pro.

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Cake Freezing Tips

Melting Morsels

  • Do not stir the morsels until finished microwaving.
  • Melted morsels should retain a glossy sheen and some of their original shape. As you stir the morsels, they will continue to melt, becoming blended and smooth.
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