Healthy & Easy Breakfast Recipes

Once you taste these timesaving recipes, you won’t want to skip the most important meal.
Jump-start your morning with a creamy <a href="" target="_blank">Tropical Shake</a> and warm <a href="" target="_blank">Ban

Cybil B. Talley


Making time for breakfast needn’t be as complicated as getting the dog walked, lunches packed, and the family out the door. These morning meals can easily fit into your schedule.

Try these fast-forward planning tips. Bake a batch of muffins at the beginning of the week, and freeze them; a quick reheat in the microwave will turn out pastries that beat toaster snacks any day. Also, keep a variety of fresh or sliced refrigerated fruit on hand for recipes and healthy snacks. Such smart starts will give your body the necessary fuel to tackle the busy day ahead.