Host a Tapas Tasting Party

Ralph Anderson / Styling Cari South / Food styling Marian Cooper Cairns
Serve our Southern-style tapas at your next party.

Share a meal with friends, and sample all of these miniature main dishes. Small-plate entrées, also known as tapas, are popular in restaurants right now. You can taste a variety of recipes at one time without overeating. Try our uniquely Southern choices such as Grits-Stuffed Greens and Polenta Rounds With Black-eyed Pea Topping. Ice-cream Crêpes topped with hot fudge are the perfect low-fat finale. Every recipe gives you the nutritional value for each small serving. These little nibbles were made for sharing, so pass the plate.

Party Menu

20-Minute Pizzas

Don't be intimidated by these homemade pizzas. The convenience of deli chicken and store-bought crusts makes this recipe a cinch. Hot sauce, blue cheese dressing, and Colby-Monterey Jack cheese add the enticing flavor.

"Healthy & Light: Host a Tasting Party" is from the May 2006 issue of Southern Living.

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