Tastier, Healthier Cooking

William Dickey / Styling: Cari South / Food Styling: Vanessa McNeil
Eating healhty doesn't mean you have to sacrifice flavor! Use these tips to pack on the flavor, but not the pounds.

I discovered a cookbook that inspired me so much I just had to tell you about it. Steven Raichlen's Big Flavor Cookbook (Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers, Inc., $19.95) had my mouth watering by the first page.

Steven's formula is pretty simple: Buy fresh, seasonal ingredients, infuse them with interesting herbs and condiments, cook them perfectly, and then enjoy dishes from around the world or around the corner. Even though some of the ingredient lists may be long, they're easy to toss together. So, if you're longing for a book that'll teach you how to cook healthy and delicious meals, start with these recipes.

Steven's Principles for Tastier, Healthier Cooking

  • Use intense flavorings such as fresh herbs, spices, and condiments (mustards, hot sauce, horseradish) instead of oil or butter to make foods taste good.
  • Put the fat where you can taste it. Brush or spray it on the surface of the dish. It'll be the first thing you taste without having the fat throughout the recipe.
  • Oven fry. Give chicken, fish, or eggplant a crunchy coating by dipping in egg white, and then dredging in breadcrumbs.
  • Use chicken or vegetable broth instead of oil, butter, or cream in salad dressings, soups, stews, and casseroles.
  • Slow down. Enjoy more leisurely meals with your family, even if you have to plan them.


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