For these fabulous sippers, all you do is add a carbonated beverage to lemonade, tea, or fruit juice mixtures.

Keep Sparkling Grape Juice-Lemonade cold with frozen grapes―they add pizzazz without diluting the flavor. Green, red, or black grapes all look great, so buy what’s on sale. The freshest grapes hold tightly to the stems. To check before purchasing, very gently shake the bunch―the more grapes that fall away, the older the fruit.

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Test Kitchen Idea
Ice Pop Spritzers: Place ice pops in glasses and add a carbonated beverage―that’s it. For a party, offer a variety of ice-pop flavors, lemon-lime soft drinks, and sparkling fruit drinks. Let guests mix and match. Our Food staff especially liked strawberry-kiwi ice pops with lemon-lime soft drink, lime pops with blackberry-flavored sparkling fruit drink, and tropical fruit bars with clementine-flavored sparkling fruit drink.


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