The Family Kitchen

Southern Living and Cooking Light team up to host Family Kitchen, a new series of community cooking courses with Jones Valley Teaching Farm.


No, I didn't know what I was getting into. That's the good part about it, the mystery of it. It was an open invitation and we were signed four weeks every Tuesday. We picked up at Oliver Elementary school. [MUSIC] Family kitchen is where we get a chance to go into the kitchen at Southern Living and Cooking Light. Just learning about different meals, healthy eating, knowing that the vegetables come from Jones Valley teaching farm really hips because I've seen how they grow. In our group it's my daughter Donella, her husband's Germaine, my granddaughter Kyla, my grandson Jamarkus and myself. Each family was assigned a chef, and it's just like, like we've been knowing each other forever. Everyone is hands-on, cutting, squeezing, mashing. It was really fun to just see how my grandchildren were involved because they haven't really been in the kitchen. We sit down to a table and we eat what we prepared. It's so important for us to learn how to just have family time. And I know it's going to make us try more foods. And more varieties of foods and vegetables. It's gonna open up a whole new way of cooking for us. This is the part of what we need to do for our children. Go back to the healthy way of life. I think it should happen all the time. If we could just bring it into the community, because family kitchen helps a family know how to be family. [MUSIC] [MUSIC]
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