How To Make Whole Fried Okra

Watch Test Kitchen Director Robbie Melvin use the entire pod to prepare this Southern classic.


[MUSIC] The majority of okra you're gonna find here in summer months is gonna be these beautiful and medium sized pods. These are great for frying whole, provide a great appearance. And they're perfect for dipping into a sauce. It's one of my favorite ways to fry okra is to do the whole pod. You wanna quickly take off the stem end. [MUSIC] We're gonna give this nice little buttermilk bath. I like to use the full fat, which is bigger flavor. And it balances well with the natural flavors of the okra. Make sure our cornmeal is seasoned with a little salt and pepper. [MUSIC] I'm just gonna toss these in the cornmeal, get them perfectly coated. And we're ready to go to the fryer. As I carefully lower these pods down to the oil. These make for really great presentation. Really showcases the natural beauty of the okra. [MUSIC] Cook these at 350 degrees in canola oil. They're just swimming around getting nice and crispy. With a whole pot frying you get this great crispy exterior and you can still see some of the green peeking through. Perfect texture. You want to let it cook about 2 or 3 minutes and you'll see as they begin to seize to bubble. They'll kind of slow down on the action in the oil. [MUSIC] You know that is when they are ready to come out. As always, wanna finish with a little salt and pepper, and you've got this beautiful, natural, whole fried Ochre. For more summer southern classics, visit Southern Living.
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