Taste of the South: Squash Casserole

Photo: Tina Cornett
Try one of these recipes the next time you serve this beloved Southern side.

Squash Recipes:

If I had a nickel for every squash casserole that has graced a Southern dinner table, I would, no doubt, be in the money. Whether at a church social, a holiday gathering, or a family dinner, this old favorite has been the workhorse of side dishes for decades. Squash casserole is the just-right accompaniment for everything from fried chicken at a summertime Sunday lunch to roast turkey at Thanksgiving.


The main ingredient is typically yellow squash, but some recipes call for other summer squash such as pattypan and zucchini. Most recipes usually include chopped onion, as well. Once you get past those two core ingredients, however, the differences begin.

If that certain ingredient that defines your memory of this dish is not represented here, we humbly apologize. Still, we're betting that after you try our versions, one will become your other favorite squash casserole.

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