Have you ever had strawberry milk? Strawberry milk? No, this is gonna be my first time and I hope you will be gentle. This is so simple. Why don't you take their little head off, their little tops off and then I can cut them. Okay. Off with their heads? Off with their heads. We're gonna take these, cut them up, mix them up with a little sugar and then we're gonna boil them. Reduce that a little bit, and then pour them in some milk. So all this goes into the pot, dump those beautiful strawberries in. Mm! They look pretty! And then a little bit of water. So we just turn this on, and we're going to boil it for about ten minutes until it just thickens just a bit. Okay. Yeah, that's it, voila! Okay, alright. Can you wait ten minutes? No! [MUSIC] < So I'm going to pour this in. I've got a little sieve sitting over a bowl. So I'm just going to pour that in. And then what I'm going to get you to do, take this spoon and just press lightly on those strawberries. We don't want to push them through, but we just want to get all that yummy. Delicious syrup out of there. Okay, pressing, pressing. I think you've done a fine job. Stop pressing! Okay! I've stopped being depressed! Okay, look at that. Steve, I told you there was nothing hard about this recipe, and there's not, except for waiting. We have to let this chill for two hours, and then we'll be ready Can you do that? This is going to try my patience. It's just two hours. We can go sit out on the porch. Do you want to? All right. Okay. Okay grumpy, come on. Make me suffer. This is how much I love you Steve. I chilled those glasses for you. So they are nice and frozen. We are going to have our milk and add a little syrup. After those long two hours, we can have some strawberry milk. You are just so good. Isn't this gorgeous? I'm just gonna pour roughly about three tablespoons of the strawberry syrup into your beautiful glass of milk. And then we're gonna stir it. Look at the cute little straws. You could have one too. [CROSSTALK] Stir that up. You can have a spoon, but I thought the straw would be much more fun. Okay. And at the same time, ready, set, look how pretty that is. [INAUDIBLE] Pink. Okay, ready? Working it into a froth. [LAUGH] One, two, three, go. [MUSIC] Ah.>> Yum. Did I do right by your strawberries, or what? I'm hearing angels music. [MUSIC]
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