Take the Party Outside

Beth Dreiling Hontzas / Styling Lisa Powell Bailey / Food Styling Angela Sellers
Welcome the season with a doable yet impressive menu.

We think an outdoor supper is the way to celebrate the first pleasures of spring. Start with tangy, no-cook Avocado Soup, and then fire up the grill to prepare a succulent pork tenderloin and fabulous side dish of Grilled Fennel and Radicchio. You may be new to this vegetable combination, but after tasting them, you'll rush back for seconds. The rich, nutty flavor of Creamy Gruyère Grits is the perfect accompaniment to these savory items. And last but not least, Strawberry-Orange Trifle will bring lots of applause. All the recipes have short prep times (15 minutes or less), and some can be made ahead.

Easy Spring Supper
(Serves 8)


"Take the Party Outside" is from the March 2008 issue of Southern Living.

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