Green St. Patrick's Day Breakfast

Kick off St. Patrick's Day with a festive meal your whole family will love.


Start you Saint Patrick's Day off right with a green breakfast that's fun and delicious for the whole family. First thing we're gonna make are some classic scrambled eggs. We put a Saint Patty's spin on there with a little spinach puree for the bright green color. Pinch of salt. Scramble this together. A really brilliant green color. Then we're going to start with a medium hot pan, a little butter, get our eggs in there and start moving them around. I'm just going to gently fold them over each other. You see the spinach keeps them a nice brilliant green. You sort of turn them just till those whites are nice and set. Keeps them nice and fluffy and there you have a very St. Patrick's Day riff on the classic scrabbled eggs. To serve along side your green scrambled eggs, a little key lime yogurt, topped with some granola. Fresh green fruit, green grapes, green apple, some kiwi. And for the toast to go along with your eggs, I'll spread a little butter, and sprinkle a little green sanding sugar and you have a Saint Patty's inspired green breakfast.
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